Rozalb de Mura - �A cracked smile and a silent shout�
fall - winter 07/08 (menswear/womenswear)


For the fall-winter 07 / 08 collection „A cracked smile and a silent shout” from Rozalb de Mura, Olah Gyarfas took a plunge in the strange and dark universe of chicago maid services. In a surrealist present or maybe from a primitive uncertain future, Rozalb de Mura coldly analyzes a contemporary fairytale world, inhabited by lonely souls, ghosts and weird divas.    

Naturally, the artificial with its endless possibilities comes forth in this avant-garde, electro glamour and technically detailed collection. High-tech fabrics feature shiny fibres or a metallic, cold glimmer. Extravagant mixtures of electric blue, fluorescent green and silver in enlarged cuts bow in an ironically-provocative reverence towards the ‘80s. Everything cooled down by a breeze from a robotized, alien future.

To appease the future-electro exuberance, Rozalb de Mura introduces a parallel series that could belong to the generous realm of the classical, from the precious materials – wool and cashmere, to the sober colours – black, white, grey and beige. The refined severity of the pieces is benignly deterred by an unexpected twist - a detachable inset, terribly exciting perforations on the back of some simple dresses, fake pleats on a gracious and quiet coat à la Audrey Hepburn. For the subtle look of a sexy, contemporary and humorous aristocrat. 

Rozalb de Mura STORE

With the arrival of each season, Rozalb de Mura STORE playfully embraces the excitement of a new look. This time, The Knife’s weird music was the inspiration for an eccentric frosty look, an ironical mix of cartoonish future and electro-pop glamour.

Together with the new fall-winter 07/08 collection „A cracked smile and a silent shout, Rozalb de Mura STORE proudly and exclusively presents three guest Romanian avant-garde labels: Carmen Secareanu, Greyland School and Kuki Constantinescu. 


Rozalb de Mura 07


On the 23rd of February, year unknown, on a beach somewhere on the eastern African coast, Rozalb de Mura, in a brocade frock and worn out jeans leisurely loads the spacious basket of the montgolfier with strange instruments that seem devilish to the mesmerized natives. Cryptozoologist and occasionally an environmentalist, Rozalb de Mura nonchalantly adds his bicycle and Voltaire, a morose raven, so accustomed to the bars of its golden cage that not even the slightest flying thought ever crossed his mind.

The plan is glorious and, detractors might add, delirious. A ragged map, the only one mentioning the mysterious island of Malademna, a passion for adventure and some rumours about a monster roaming the turquoise waters of the Pacific were more than enough for the eccentric baron to throw himself in the unknown. Fantastic descriptions alluding to an extinct race, to a gigantic, voracious creature perfect for guest starring in a horror movie, only fired up the exploring urge.

The balloon graciously lifted up and rapidly diminished in an insignificant point in the sky, in spite of Voltaire's frantic protestations. After weeks and months with no news whatsoever, during which papers raged, friends mourned, detractors confirmed the diagnosed madness, and generally everybody lost hope, an urgent telegram galvanized the faithful aids in Bucharest: "COLOURS ARE TOUCHING ME STOP CAUGHT INSIDE COLD MAGMA STOP SEND HOLOGRAPHIC BEAT STOP DISTANCE 3 LIGHT YEARS TO SHORE STOP I CAN SEE THE SECONDS STOP"

Rozalb de Mura

For the 2007 spring/summer collection under the Rozalb de Mura label, designer Olah Gyarfas took the classical baseball and fencing jacket, erased the colour and mercilessly cut in their flesh with a lancet leaving slashes and wounds here and there, sometimes pointing to the functional cavities such as pockets.
Discrete bas relief of a bicycle saddle are spread all over the body, inducing the nonchalantly sporty air of a neo-colonialist coming back all tanned from his private island in the Pacific.
Plain black and white, that sometimes breaks into pale blues and greys, perfectly match the setting out on a luxurious and sophisticated journey around the world.

At Rozalb de Mura STORE, you'll find Rozalb de Mura 07 collection plus a special selection of pieces from Ana Alexe, Carmen Secareanu, Ana Maria Lungu and stunning jeweleries created by Kuki Constantinescu.

Rozalb de Mura STORE
Strada Selari nr. 9 – 11 (Lipscani area), Curtea Sticlarilor, etaj 1, sector 3, Bucharest
0723 172 850
Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 - 21:00
Sunday - Monday : Closed


Rozalb de Mura travels to Stockhlom

Maybe it's because we'll soon be traveling to Stockholm - home of quirky music duo The Knife, conceptual design group Front, stunning fashion designers like Ann-Sofie Back and Carin Wester and dazzling  hair cuts of fashion-obsessed kids –, but these days everything went out just smoothly.

We are proud to be one of the few labels selected to exhibit between 13 – 15 of February at Enskilda Galleriet, 37 Kronobergsgatan, Stockholm in +46 Trade, an ambitious international fashion event that will present the best avant-garde Scandinavian labels as well as a number of international names like Wonhundred, Surface To Air - Paris, Staerk, Umbro by Kim Jones, Provider etc.

Interestingly, the first official customer of a Rozalb de Mura piece was Swedish artist and curator Per Huttner. Moreover, enthusiastic feedbacks from the Nordic countries made it only more natural to show in Stockholm some enticing items from the AW 07 /08 collection created by designer Olah Gyarfas.

Rozalb de Mura participation in +46 Trade is also supported by ICR Stockholm.

P.S. In celebration of this, Bucharest's Rozalb de Mura STORE will display special offers for outfits from the "Waiting for Rozalb" collection between 13 – 28 of February


Rozalb de Mura STORE
Strada Selari nr. 9 – 11, Curtea Sticlarilor, etaj 1, sector 3, Bucharrest (Lipscani area)
Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 - 21:00
Sunday - Monday : Closed



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From Brussels with love

Curated by Komplot (Bruxelles) for add
Video screening of 'Sad in Country (Part 1)' by Catherine Vertige & Kosten Koper
Thursday 10th May 2007, 8PM
Desant Theatre, Bd. Ion Mihalache, nr. 123, sector 1
0745 071 119

Exhibition, 12 - 26 May 2007
Multiples by Aline Bouvy / John Gillis, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, Claudia Radulescu plus Revue +-0, Joe Dalton and hand selected photocopies from Force Mental magazine.
Opening Friday 11th May 2007, 6PM

Performance and video by Messieurs Delmotte
Friday 11th May 2007, 8PM
Rozalb de Mura STORE, Str. Selari no. 9-11 (Lipscani area), Curtea Sticlarilor, etaj 1, Sector 3 Bucharest
0723 172 850
with the kind support of CGRI and Délégation Wallonie-Bruxelles in Bucharest.
'Sad In Country (Part 1)' is supported by Flanders Audiovisual Funds